Staff Directory Katie Abraham, 3/4 Teacher

Nurse Lisa Atchley, 1/2 Teacher Mary Blossom, Head Secretary Sara Boersma, K Teacher Todd Boonstra, PE Teacher Debbie Boyle, Instructional Assistant Matt Boyle, Instructional Assistant Crista Cady, Music Teacher Stacy Crouse, Library and Playground Assistant Jan Darch, 3/4 Teacher Cynthia Detrow, Speech Teacher Kim Daniels, 1/2 Teacher Dawn Grimm, Principal Joy Harper, Science Teacher Kumi Shields, School Psychologist Melissa Krimmel, Special Education Teacher Cindy Hurst, 5th Teacher  Ryan Martin, 5th Teacher  Gordon Merrill, Maintenance Anita Oliva, Lunch Assistant Sheryl Oliver, Lunch Assistant  Sonia Poage, Maintenance Nicole Shelden, 1/2 Teacher Kelsey Short, 3/4 Teacher Kelli Stroh, 3/4 Teacher Stacy Tronnier, 1/2 Teacher Stacey Weeks, Secretary Jessie Williams, Occupational Therapist Robyn Zinszer, K Teacher

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